Applied Solutions & Consulting (ASC) provides services to nonprofit and for-profit organizations in two areas. First, ASC provides consulting services that entail designing and conducting program evaluations, environmental scans, literature reviews, data analyses, and full-scale research projects. Second, ASC delivers multisession, online and multi-day, in-person training workshops across Canada on a variety of topics including program evaluation, grant writing, and data collection.

ASC differs from its competition in three key areas. First, ASC has the ability to apply its skillset to a variety of research and evaluation environments. Since 2004, ASC has conducted evaluations on various community-based programs targeting aboriginal and nonaboriginal at-risk populations. These programs have addressed issues such as substance use/abuse, life skills, aggression, employment skills, and improving family and community integration. In 2011, ASC analyzed clinical trial data comparing methods for detecting non-small cell lung cancer for a team of thoracic surgeons in Kelowna, BC. Since 2012, ASC has worked with the Environmental Careers Organization Canada (Calgary, AB), which provides resources for environmental jobs, training, and certification. Specifically, this work involved (a) identifying challenges to determining occupation competency standards, and (b) developing a new methodology for analyzing and interpreting data on national occupational standards. Recently, ASC conducted a province-wide survey for the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (Ottawa, ON), which examined Alberta healthcare professionals’ perceptions of prescription drug misuse. To further demonstrate diversity, in 2011, ASC analyzed clinical trial data comparing methods for detecting non-small cell lung cancer for a team of thoracic surgeons in Kelowna, BC.

Second, ASC has extensive knowledge and expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. This allows ASC to engage a variety of data collection and analysis strategies to address diverse evaluation and research questions, as well as employ mixed-method approaches. Further, these methodologies enable ASC to adapt to the budget and time constraints experienced in all research and evaluation environments.

Third, ASC has experience in designing and implementing large- and small-scale projects. Not only has ASC conducted evaluations of programs operating for only a few weeks, it has also conducted evaluations of multi-year programs. These programs have ranged from local, regional, and provincial to a national scope.

In 2008, Aarin Frigon and Jonathan Brown founded ASC. Together, Jonathan and Aarin have over 22 years of combined experience in academic and community-based research and evaluation. In addition to their research experience, Aarin and Jonathan have also developed and taught university courses. As a result, Aarin and Jonathan not only have the knowledge and experience to inform their training and consulting services, but they also have the capacity to effectively communicate to a variety of different audiences.