Client: North Cariboo Aboriginal Family Program Society
Name of Project: Strengthening Families Program Quesnel
Project Duration: February 2014 to February 2019

Brief Description: ASC will be conducting a process and outcome evaluation of the Strengthening Families Program in Quesnel. The program consists of 14 sessions that provide parenting skills, youth life skills, and family life skills. Targeting families with youth at-risk of or engaged in criminal activity, the program seeks to decrease youth antisocial attitudes and behaviour related to aggression, delinquency, and negative peer relationships. The program engages youth and their families throughout each stage of the program. The evaluation of this project will involve the following components: (a) identifying evaluation questions and indicators, (b) submitting the evaluation protocol for ethics review, (c) developing data collection tools, (d) implementing and revising the evaluation protocol as necessary, (e) collecting quantitative/qualitative data from program staff, community partners, and program clients through surveys, interviews, and focus groups, (f) analyzing all evaluation data, (g) conducting a cost-effectiveness analysis, and (h) reporting the results to program staff and the program funder.

Referral Agencies: If you want to refer a youth to the program, please use the following referral form link. The link will allow you to download and save the current referral form to your computer. Once completed, the form needs to be emailed to the program coordinator, Elaine Paterson, at

A brochure outlining the SFP can be found here.

SFP Quesnel Program Forms