Our Interactive E-Training courses are much more than the typical on-line course. On-line courses tend to be passive experiences where you sit and listen, or simply read through material. Worst of all, if there is any interaction, it is limited to a question and answer period and not in real-time. In response to this weakness, we designed our Interactive E-Training courses in the same manner as our most comprehensive Training Workshops. Our number one priority is to help you master material through engaging activities and interaction.

The key features of our Interactive E-Training:

Material is presented in real time. Interactive E-Training does not simply consist of receiving a package of material to complete on your own. Rather, material will be presented live and you can ask questions anytime.

High level of interaction. After examining core topics, you will go to your own breakout room to work on activities and apply the material to your own organization, program, or study. In these breakout rooms as well as throughout the session, you will have the opportunity to interact with session facilitators one-on-one.


Less intensive. Three or four sessions delivered over multiple days will provide more time to for you to process information. Further, you will have time to integrate the material into your project and get feedback from the facilitators during the next session.





Financial savings. Our Interactive E-Training series is also designed as an inexpensive alternative to our In-Person Training Workshops. The E-Training takes place at your computer, and therefore does not require any additional travel expenses.