While ASC offers standard topics regularly, we would be happy to tailor a series to your organization's needs for 6 or more attendees.

Collecting Information Series: Utilizing Surveys, Interviews, and Focus Groups

Whether you are working in the non-profit sector or conducting social science research, surveys, interviews, and focus groups are powerful tools for collecting the information you need. However, their development can be complex. Writing a good survey involves more than simply stringing together a series of questions. Instead, careful consideration and planning must be given to (1) who the survey will target, (2) the specific structure and wording of each question, and (3) how all the questions will be formatted together. In the context of interviews and focus groups, it is essential to utilize interview skills that will keep interviewees on topic without having to resort to combative interrogation styles.

Applied Solutions & Consulting is pleased to present a four-part series covering the core components of designing and conducting surveys, interviews, and focus. Delivered through our innovative Interactive E-Training format, you will learn basic and advanced techniques for writing effective surveys and designing inviting interviews.

This four-part Interactive E-Training series will consist of the following topics:

Understanding Context and Sampling:

Most surveys fail because the designer/researcher does not clearly identify what he or she wants to know. In Part 1, you will learn how to critically examine your topic or area of research and distinguish what needs to be known from what would be interesting to know. From there, you will work on developing a sample design to ensure that the necessary people participate in your survey.