While ASC offers standard topics regularly, we would be happy to tailor a series to your organization's needs for 6 or more attendees.

Grant Writing and Program Planning Series

Successful grant writing requires 1) identifying appropriate funding opportunities, 2) thoroughly understanding the purpose and structure of your programs and services, 3) strategies to communicate the details of your programs and services and 4) standing out from the competition. ASC has taken all of these requirements into consideration and developed a unique e-training experience to empower you to write winning grants.

This series consists of 4 sessions designed to help you construct a grant proposal template that will make writing future grant applications more effective and hassle free. For a more complete training experience, we recommend completing all 4 sessions in order. However, our Interactive E-Training offers the flexibility for you to complete individual sessions, taking only the topics you need.

This four-part Interactive E-Training series will consist of the following sessions:

Finding Those Much Needed Funds:

Not only must you find funding opportunities that are consistent with your program’s objectives, but you must also clearly state why your program is needed. This session will begin by reviewing the different types of funding opportunities that are available. Next you will be introduced to tools that will help you find appropriate funding opportunities. Finally, you will learn how to effectively communicate to funders why your program is needed and should be funded.