While ASC offers standard topics regularly, we would be happy to tailor a series to your organization's needs for 6 or more attendees.

Program Evaluation and Development Series

Program evaluation is about understanding your clients, the structure and implementation of your programs and services, and whether or not the goals of those services are being met. Our program evaluation and development series has been designed to walk you through the steps necessary to conducting evaluation, as well as developing programs that are well organized and meet stakeholder objectives.

This series consists of 4 sessions that each emphasize a fundamental activity of program evaluation. For a more complete training experience, we recommend that you complete all 4 sessions in order. However, we do offer the flexibility for you to select individual sessions.

This four-part Interactive E-Training series will consist of the following sessions:

Understanding What Needs To Be Done:

In order for any program or service to be successful, it must be responsive to each clients’ needs. Whether your organization is already providing services, or you would like to develop or expand services, this session will help to understand 1) exactly who your clients are, 2) how services can be best delivered to them and 3) any barriers that will impact the delivery of services.