While ASC offers standard topics regularly, we would be happy to tailor a series to your organization's needs for 6 or more attendees.

Program Mapping Series

This series combines elements from program evaluation, program development, and grant writing to provide an innovative approach to developing and maintaining a comprehensive understanding of a program. Across the sessions, tools will be used to thoroughly identify  not only the purpose and structure of a program, but also how it should be evaluated and strengthened in terms of sustainability.

When it comes to developing and implementing your programs and services, you want to ensure that they are efficient and successful from start to finish. In order to do this, it is critical to have a complete understanding of (a) what your program is addressing, (b) how it is structured, (c) how it should be evaluated, and (d) the nature of its sustainability.  ASC has combined and expanded on the tools, theories, and skills utilized throughout program evaluation, program development, and grant writing to bring you a training series that will get you to ask AND answer the important questions about your programs and services.

This comprehensive series consists of 5 sessions designed to help you identify what your program should look like, what it actually looks like, and whether or not it is successful. In an ideal work, program mapping is done prior to putting a program into action; however, the reality is that program mapping is dynamic and evolves with the program. So whether you are just getting starting or working with a mature program, this training series will provide the resources necessary for your to know what should be and what is going on with your programs and services.

This five-part Interactive E-Training series will consist of the following sessions:

 Mapping the Program Context:
Your programs and services are designed to meet your clients’ needs. Too often, however, programs begin and operate without a clear understanding of the exact nature of the problem that the program will address, the characteristics of those experiencing the problem, and the specific barriers that the program must overcome to be effective. By mapping your program’s context you will understand how your program should be shaped to address the unique attributes of your service’s clientele and environment.