Our workshops are designed to engage you every step of the way. Our goal is not only for you to learn more about a topic, but to walk away with the tools to actually begin working. Many workshops out there present material that makes sense during the workshop, but when you get back to your organization it seems impossible to actually implement what you learned. Each training workshop is designed so you begin applying the material immediately to your unique context.

The key features of our Training Workshops:

Networking opportunities. Our workshops provide an opportunity to engage with other non-profit organizations. A clear benefit of our small groups and highly interactive environment is that you will get share experiences with other non-profit organizations. Take some time to exchange contact information.

ASC advantage. We realize that our workshops contain a lot of material that can require some time to fully digest. You will have time to work on activities during the workshop, but you will also be invited to submit material later on (e.g., sample survey, program logic model) for a professional review FREE of charge.