Collecting Information: Interviews and Focus Groups Workshop

Interviewing and focus groups are great tools for gathering information from clients and/or customers. If done well, you will be able to establish rapport with respondents and motivate them to answer questions in ways that surveys can’t. Unfortunately, if not done well, participation may not be forthcoming and information may be limited. After conducting interviews with participants from many demographics and on an array of topics, ASC has developed a training workshop to help you get the conversation started and keep it going.

This 2-day Training Workshop consists of the following:

Workshop Topics: 

  • An introduction to qualitative data will be provided in order to ground the strengths and weaknesses of interviewing and focus groups.
  • Techniques to formulating questions will be discussed in both the contexts of interviewing and focus groups.
  • Opportunities to develop facilitation skills will be provided.
  • Strategies for analyzing interview and focus group data will be demonstrated.