Collecting Information: Survey Design Workshop

One of the most efficient ways to gather information about people is to have them complete a survey. However, for this to be successful, survey questions must be written in a way that motivates and allows respondents to provide accurate answers. Whether you are looking to create a stand-alone survey or a comprehensive series of related surveys, this workshop will teach you what it takes to create surveys that work.

This 1-day Training Workshop consists of the following topics:

Workshop Topics: 

  • Developing a Sample Design: A critical, but often overlooked, step to using surveys involves clearly identifying who the survey will target and how those people will be accessed.
  • Question Structures: The fundamental structures of questions will be discussed.
  • Writing Good Questions: Techniques to improving question wording and methods of responding will be explored in detail.
  • Formatting The Survey: Strategies for improving the overall layout and presentation of questions will be developed.
  • Dealing With Nonresponse: You will learn how to increase participation in your survey from start to finish.